CEO's Message

We would like to thank you for your valuable support and faith in Aadya’s products. With great pleasure and gratitude, we would like to present you Aadya’s products . This website provides the details of the product’s compositions, their main pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics actions along with their indications.

Mother Nature has given us the answer of all ailments in itself. The magic of these natural resources are in abundance in the form of herbs, minerals, and bio-products and are waiting to be discovered. Our ancient Scientist (Rishis and Vaidyas) have provided us best products (Shashtriya Yog) and have done a great job to Ayurveda and to mankind. We need to take forward the legacy of Ayurveda and to evolve our products as per changing needs of modern world.

At Aadya, preserving ancient knowledge of Ayurveda while providing modern concept in our formulation and manufacturing is our motto. We are ensuring once again that we are committed to give you best products by adopting state of art technology and by implementing good manufacturing practices while procuring best raw materials. Aadya Products are the result of extensive medical research, ancient science of Ayurveda, and clinical feedback from the medical fraternity. We shall continue to introduce new and high quality formulations for the benefit of your patients and the mankind. Your valuable feedback and suggestions would help us in achieving this goal.


With regards, 

Dr. Sandeep Goel


About Dr. Sandeep Goel

After graduating from RishiKul, Hardware and achieving B.A.M.S., Dr. Sandeep Goel have been very active in the field of Ayurveda.

His love for Ayurveda has, led his work and he has established few Ayurvedic business, leading on to Aadya Life Sciences. Dr. Goel is passionate about Ayurveda and use of Ayurveda to improve general well being. He has been working with a team of experts to develop many Ayurvedic products with a motto "Arogya Jeevanam".

He believes in "Cure with Care by Nature".

CEO - Sandeep Goel